Fifty uses for Asea Renu 28 gel

Are you wondering how to use the Asea Renu 28 gel? It’s 90 mL of skin-priming, age-fighting, cellular-rejuvenating gel for your whole body.

If you are like most people, you are probably looking for ways to stay healthy and age gracefully. One of the best ways to do this is by using Asea Renu 28 gel. This product can help your body achieve optimal health and wellness.

ASEA’s patented process produces redox molecules, which support communication at the cellular level and help improve the healthy, youthful appearance of skin.

This smooth, all-over gel supports surface skin cell renewal for visibly younger-looking skin and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles, calms red and dry skin, and eases temporary muscle discomfort.

Here are 50 ways to use Asea Renu 28 gel

  1. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles in wrinkle-prone areas such as on the face, neck, chest,
    and hands
  2. Soothe skin irritation from the effects of the sun
  3. Improve the elasticity of skin
  4. Decrease redness in skin
  5. Reduce the appearance of cellulite on legs and tummy
  6. Soothe itchy or dry scalp
  7. Clarify skin all over body
  8. Minimize the appearance of dark spots
  9. Normalize oily skin
  10. Soothe feet after long workouts or time spent in tennis shoes
  11. Tighten skin to give the feeling of having a face-lift
  12. Soothe skin irritated by plants
  13. Use as a whole-body skin moisturizer
  14. Tighten the skin around the eyes
  15. Smooth rough skin anywhere on the body
  16. Smooth and reduce calluses on the heels and hands
  17. Soothe and moisturize cracks in the heels
  18. Improve blotchy skin
  19. Soothe itchy skin anywhere on the body
  20. Help areas prone to sun stress: nose, scalp, and tops of ears
  21. Reduce heat and pain in sore muscles due to overexertion
  22. Moisturize unhealthy, split, or drying skin between the toes
  23. Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  24. Soothe diaper irritation
  25. Spot-treat blemishes
  26. Soothe skin after shaving
  27. Moisturize cuticles
  28. Soothe dancers’ feet after dancing barefoot or wearing pointe shoes
  29. Soothe the skin on the hands after working long hours, wearing gloves
  30. Smooth and moisturize chapped lips after weather exposure
  31. Soothe fragile, aged skin
  32. Tighten loose skin during weight loss
  33. Smooth wrinkled skin on the upper arms
  34. Rejuvenate skin after swimming
  35. Reduce appearance of age spots
  36. Soothe skin after waxing
  37. Apply to dry winter skin to soothe and moisturize
  38. Use while traveling/on planes to maintain healthy skin
  39. Soothe skin on runners’ feet
  40. Improve and even out the tone of skin
  41. Smooth dry, rough elbows and knees
  42. Reduce blemishes and dryness common on upper arms
  43. Soothe chafing due to strenuous exercise
  44. Soothe babies’ skin
  45. Smooth calloused fingers of guitar players
  46. Revitalize skin after hand-washing and/or dish-washing
  47. Reduce appearance of crows feet and laugh lines
  48. Soothe skin irritated by eyebrow threading/waxing
  49. Improve post-partum skin elasticity
  50. Reduce appearance of freckles

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