What is the Somavedic?

The Somavedic is a unique device that is said to work with the body’s electrical system to improve overall health. Some people believe that it can help with everything from sleep problems to pain relief, and many people are curious to know more about this unusual technology. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what the Somavedic is and how it works. We will also explore some of the benefits that have been reported by users of this device. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at this cutting-edge technology!

What is the Somavedic

Somavedic is a device that is designed to help protect against the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). The device works by releasing negative ions into the air, which help to neutralize the positive ions that are emitted by EMFs.

It is designed on the principle of controlled release of energy from precious and semi-precious stones. This release of energy creates a coherent field covering more than 2,800+ square feet. This helps to reduce the amount of EMF exposure by creating a barrier between the person and the source of EMF radiation. As a result, Somavedic can provide significant protection against the harmful effects ofL

  • EMF radiation (4G/5G, WiFi, phones)
  • Geopathic stress, water crosses
  • Curry and Hartmann lines
  • Oxidative stress / Free radicals

Somavedic can also structure water and change it into a mountain spring quality water that is natural to our bodies and cells. It can structure (harmonize) any tap or bottled water and it provides water in its most natural state, just like nature intended.

What are some of the benefits of using a Somavedic

Not only has the technology been tested throughout the time by different independent laboratories, but it will show you positive results on your cells and bodies too.

Some of these benefits include:

  1. Reducing Effects Of Mobile Phone Radiation
  2. Positive Effects On Cardiovascular And Nervous System
  3. Improved Heart Rate Variability, Circulation And Internal Balance
  4. Significant Improvement Of Sedimentation
  5. Structures water

To read more about the science and studies behind Somavedic, click here.

Where can you buy a Somavedic

The Somavedic is currently available in a variety of models and price ranges at www.Somavedic.com and you can use code PROTECTION at checkout for 10% off your order.

somavedic amber
AMBER is the strongest model, 4x stronger than Vedic. If you want the ultimate EMF/5G effects mitigation, Amber is the solution.
somavedic ruby
RUBY helps to support spiritual growth, encourage kindness and stimulates the heart chakra. It’s recommended as an add-on.
somavedic vedic
VEDIC is redesigned inside out for the ultimate harmonization of your home and working space. It also structures water.
somavedic cobalt
COBALT is designed to support your psyche, intuition, concentration and helps with grounding oneself.
somavedic sky
SKY has a universal use in all premises where more intensive harmonization is needed, including apartments and larger cities.
somavedic gold
Gold is custom made for the individual customer, plated with 24-carat gold and certified and is a premium model.

You can purchase the Somavedic at www.Somavedic.com and use code PROTECTION at checkout for 10% off your order.

Does it work?

Yes, it absolutely does! I’ve personally seen results with it, but here are some testimonials directly from their website:

“Within four days of sleeping with one in the room, I noticed that it was causing my body to flush itself free of free radicals, bacteria, parasites, and chemical toxicity. I was sweating as well as using the restroom frequently and feeling more purified each time.” – Teal Swan

“It is unbelievable what all this little shining thing, which is nice to look at, can do. I´m really glad that it has come my way and that it´s become a new member of our family.” – Marcela

“After 4 weeks there was a noticeable improvement in ‘brain fog’ and the random shooting pains and twinges I regularly experienced on various areas of my body had decreased by 40%. Mood swings also had decreased in frequency and intensity.” – Joanne

“I always slept good but we’ve seen a good improvement in my husbands sleeping pattern. He gets a deeper sleep and is able to stay asleep, less tossing and turning which is great for the both of us, my order also came with a mini which I charge and take the the hospital with me when I go to work. I feel great with the products.” – Allisen

How to purchase a Somavedic

You can purchase one of their models at www.Somavedic.com and use code PROTECTION at checkout for 10% off your order.

What is the Somavedic

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